Nguoi Viet Daily: VFW casting models of all heights

“We just added in a petite womenswear designer Yvon Nguyen, who will be casting female models shorter than 5’6 for her show,” said Viktor Nguyen-Lieu, who is the creative director for the show. “The casting is open to females of all heights now and males 5’10 and taller.”

“For me, I really want the models to represent petite women everywhere,” said designer Yvon Nguyen. “It doesn’t make sense for me to have the standard 5’7 model to represent the line when it is tailored specifically for petite women.”

This is the first time that these height specifications have included a call for shorter models. The casting, which will be held on Sunday, April 3 at the Westminster Mall starting at 12 p.m., is open to the public. Those who are interested can register online or show up to audition and register on site.

“We are looking to cast at least 100 models for the Viet Fashion Week show,”Nguyen-Lieu said. “Each model will have 30 seconds to walk a makeshift runway for the designers.”

Models who are chosen will be paid $100 for each show they walk in. Cecile Nguyen, spokeswoman of Quynh Paris, one of the newest designers to be added to the show, said they are looking for models who are 5’8 and slender.


“We live in America, so we make clothes for everyone, not just for Vietnamese women,” Nguyen said. “We are not featuring ao dais for this collection, but are including ready-to-wear, summer clothes. That height works for us since it’s an average size for all ethnicities and it’s an easier size for people to see how the clothes fit. This collection is for the every day women.”

Held previously at the Rose Center,  this year’s event will be held at Westminster Mall on May 20 & 21. Nguyen-Lieu says the casting is for those who are 18 or older. For Nguyen-Lieu, who works with the designers in choosing the models, it’s not always about the height or look, but about the spirit and energy they bring to the table.

“At the end of the day, the models are an extension of the designers’ artwork and their brand,” said Nguyen-Lieu, “so they need to be able to represent and embody the designer’s vision.”

To register online and find out more information, you can go

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