New Programming Launches Using Innovative Approach to Speak to Bi-Cultural Vietnamese Generations

A first of its kind TV program, Viet Buzz is an innovative approach to refresh Vietnamese programming and
launched on November 5 on Saigon TV to bridge the entertainment gap for bi-cultural Asian American generations.
Yorba Linda resident Yvon Nguyen, CEO of VANT4GE, LLC , a marketing and business intelligence firm located in
Orange, Calif. serving family-owned businesses to global corporations, has partnered with Westminster-based
Saigon TV, the largest and first Vietnamese American television station, to produce V ietBuzz through Vant4ge.
Nguyen is a host and producer of VietBuzz, which will alternate bi-weekly in Vietnamese and in English. The
English premiere will take place on November 19, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. on Saigon TV.

VietBuzz aims to speak to bi-cultural millennial and generation X viewers and bring a new form of entertainment to
the Asian-American community. According to the Nielsen Asian-American Consumer 2015 Report, the fastest
growing, most culturally diverse, and most affluent of the multicultural segments is Asian-Americans.

With a talk show format simi lar to The View on A BC, VietBuzz brings together dynamic and impactful female
community leaders, entrepreneurs, and entertainers to discuss life, style, relationships, entertainment, family, and

A major disting uisher of VietBuzz versus traditional Vietnamese programming is that programs typically discuss
Vietnamese-specific topics, such as Vietnamese entertainers and news, or translate mainstream news. VietBuzz
will feature Vietnamese culture and beyond, while expressing the hosts’ opinions on mainstream pop-culture and

Plus, standard Vietnamese TV talk shows use a one-dimensional production approach with only one camera
featuring a wid e angle shot. VietBuzz offers a multi-camera approach to capture the best conversations,
engagements, reactions, and standpoints to enhance the viewer experience. Bi-weekly the show will air in English
for viewers are not fluent in Vietnamese. While topics covered will be similar to those discussed in mainstream
media, Vietnamese and Asian-American viewers will be able to identify with the hosts and guests who have similar
family backgrounds, values, beliefs, and a foundation of growing up bridging and being impacted by two cultures.

Nguyen says, “Vietnamese Americans who grew up in the U.S. don’t typically follow Vietnamese programming. The
content is not appealing to young professionals and the bi-cultural generations as the majority of Vietnamese
programs are owned, operated, and watched by an older generation of viewers and first generation Vietnamese
Americans. VietBuzz is my brainchild and I’m so excited to provide fresh programming to viewers who are similar to
myself and my peers.”

Episodes of VietBuzz will air every other Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on Saigon TV on KJLA-57.5 and online .

In addition to Nguyen, guests include Tracy Pham, Fountain Valley res ident and creator and producer of Viet
Fashion Week ; Bele Nguyen, resident of Fountain Valley and owner of a Fountain Valley-based State Farm
Agency; Vanessa Thuy Van Ta, Fountain Valley resident, singer and talk show host; Jade Tang, Westminster
resident, celebrity nail artist and host of Nail Talk Radio.

VANT4GE, LLC is a marketing and business intelligence firm serving family-owned businesses to global
corporations. VANT4GE specializes in target marketing, business management, training and development, sales
strategies, and branding. Nguyen also places a strong emphasis on multicultural marketing and community

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