Experienced marketers utilize culture to eliminate the disconnect between a company’s brand and their target market. If applied intelligently, culture maximizes engagement and relevance.

Multicultural marketing includes innate characteristics such as age, gender, and race, and all the lifestyle identities such as affluence level, education, career choices, and family size of a specific consumer group.

Principles of designing multicultural campaigns:

  • Bilingual Content
  • Values & Behavior Matching
  • Cohesive Content & Channels
  • Acculturation Understanding
  • Neighborhood-level Demographics

From our research and understanding of our immediate communities and the ever-changing market segments, multicultural marketing has grown into a tremendous component of our competency and passion. Our goal is to apply cultural competence and implement key principles of diverse marketing to structure and coordinate an effective campaign to help you engage the multicultural consumers, gain vantage over your competitions, and increase customer base and market share.

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“Content is King; but Marketing is Queen, and runs the household.”  Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia & Venture Capitalist